1894. Integrated Mass Properties Program (IMP)


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B Fischer: 1894. Integrated Mass Properties Program (IMP). 1989.



The fundamental question asked of weight engineers is, ”How much does it weigh?,” accompanied by the phrase, ”I need the data NOW.” During many phases of a project, particularly in the detailed design phase, the weight will change rapidly. In addition, the current weight status must be reported regularly to management, engineers in other disciplines, and the customer. The reasons for the weight changes must also be reported. The formats of these reports may change as the project develops. All told, tracking and reporting the weight is a challenging task. In order to satisfy all of these needs, computerized weight tracking systems have been developed. To meet the weight tracking and reporting requirements on new projects, such as the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) and Long-Range Air Anti-Submarine Warfare-Capable Aircraft (LRAACA) programs, Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company has developed the Integrated Mass Properties Program (IMPP). IMPP is a ”user-friendly,” flexible, expandable data base program designed for the specific requirements of weight engineering. It operates through a series of menus; users respond to on-screen prompts, generally with one-character selections from a list. Some options allow the user to prepare data for incorporation into the data base; other choices allow the user to retrieve data and present it in a variety of formats including MIL-STD-1374A, internal status reports, and others. This paper describes the various features of IMPP. Its general structure is covered, and the contents of the data file are described. A typical session with IMPP is depicted, and sample inputs and outputs illustrate the capabilities of the program.


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