1901. Derivation – A Fuselage Weight Estimating Relationship


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P Scott: 1901. Derivation – A Fuselage Weight Estimating Relationship. 1989, (L. R. ‘Mike’ Hackney Award).



This paper represents the step-by-step development of an aircraft fuselage weight estimating relationship (WER) and the lessons learned in the process. Much of the WER derivation process is generic enough to be applied to weight estimation for other than just aircraft fuselages. The WER derivation process is divided into four steps: (1) setting up a preliminary plan of attack, (2) normalizing the data base, (3) developing the preliminary WER, and (4) refining the WER. Using this approach, a fuselage weight estimating relationship with 11 different variables was derived. This WER demonstrates an exceptionally high correlation with the fuselage weights of 12 military transports with gross weights ranging from 26,000 to 728,000 pounds (12,000 to 331,000 kg).


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