1908. Rotorcraft Structural Weight and Cost Aspects


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W Z Stepniewski: 1908. Rotorcraft Structural Weight and Cost Aspects. 1989.



With few exceptions, such as the purchase of a Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, or a luxury yacht, acquisition and operational costs usually play an important role in decision-making regarding buying and putting into operation a transport vehicle. From the first appearance of rotary-wing aircraft as a practical flying machine, their cost aspects have been an important factor in establishing their competitive position with respect to the ground and water-surface vehicles on one hand and fixed-wing aircraft on the other. Consequently, the continuous, although not always successful, quest for lowering both acquisition and operating costs of helicopters and tilt-rotors can be detected throughout the whole history of rotorcraft development. Obviously, the subject of rotorcraft cost is quite complicated and includes many facets representing various technologies and techniques. This paper tries to present in a rather sketchy, broad-brush way, a single aspect of this many-sided entity. It attempts to show some relationships existing between the empty or structural weight and various literal and figurative costs of rotary-wing aircraft.


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