1925. A Study of Human Powered Helicopter in Japan


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A Naito: 1925. A Study of Human Powered Helicopter in Japan. 1990.



This paper centers on some of the more challenging problems faced when designing a human powered helicopter (HPH). Among the problems are the top and bottom dead points encountered when pedaling. Several ways of resolving this problem have been attempted. First would be to use an oval gear, the second would be to use a cam-spring system, and a third would be to use an entirely different drive system using two one-way clutches instead of rotating cranks. Each of these methods effectively eliminates the dead spots. Other problems were touched upon briefly. In conclusion, there is much work yet to be done to achieve a successful HPH design. The first flight of the Da Vinci III on November 12, 1989, was important technically, proving the possibility of the hover flight of a HPH.


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