1930. Vehicle Cornering Stability and CG Limits


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R Martinez: 1930. Vehicle Cornering Stability and CG Limits. 1990.



Vehicle center of gravity location affects two vehicle parameters: how level the vehicle rests on level ground and how stable it is. Changing spring stiffness or mass distribution can correct vehicle leveling conditions. Vehicle stability can be corrected by changing the mass distribution, wheel locations, @ of suspension, or all of the above. It is obvious that the closer the center of gravity approaches the outside wheel of a turning vehicle and the higher the CG is, the more unstable the vehicle becomes. The main question is: ”How high can the CG go and how narrow can the wheel tread be before the vehicle becomes unstable during cornering?” Statistical data have been gathered through the years and development of criteria for measuring and eventually regulating roll over crash susceptibility of automobiles and light trucks have been attempted, but at E & S Corporation they have taken an analytical approach, with very good success compared to actual test results. This paper gives a new definition of the point at which a vehicle becomes unstable and shows the mathematical derivation of formulas to calculate the vehicle CG envelope.


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