1943. Weight Parametrization of the Hermes Space Vehicle


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G Guirado, C Michelon-Edery, D Cavalli: 1943. Weight Parametrization of the Hermes Space Vehicle. 1990.



The Hermes space vehicle configuration studies conducted in the last two years were mainly driven by the mass constraints imposed by its launching with the Ariane V rocket and its reentry from orbit. Other drivers were also: 1) main mission (orbital station servicing) requirements, 2) crew safety (crew escape module), 3) in orbit life and operations, and 4) ground operations. Using the launcher adapter as an integrated part of the space vehicle, the current Hermes configuration displays two separable parts: 1) the Hermes spaceplane (HSP), which is designed for earth return, and 2) the expandable Hermes Resources Module (HRM). The Hermes spaceplane houses the ejectable cockpit (crew escape module), the crew living quarters, a pressurized payload zone, and unpressurized equipment compartments. The Hermes Resources Module includes the space station servicing elements (i.e., payload zone, airlock, docking interface, and telemanipulator arm) and the space vehicle elements (i.e., propulsion system for orbital maneuvers, thermal control radiators, and ECLS). The paper describes one configuration (called the 5M2 configuration), and the parametrization application.


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