1948. UMPIRE – Unified Mass Properties Reporting Environment


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G Burt: 1948. UMPIRE – Unified Mass Properties Reporting Environment. 1990.



Automated SYStems Technology (ASYST) is committed to assisting the engineering community by creating engineering automation systems for commercial distribution. This paper examines mass properties engineering’s need for data management and reporting and presents a solution for today’s environment. The solution we present is our latest software package, the ”Unified Mass Properties Information Reporting Environment” (UMPIRE). UMPIRE is the direct product of extensive research and evaluation by a team of dedicated mass properties engineers. UMPIRE was designed to incorporate the methods which offer the greatest benefits to mass properties engineering. The fact that ASYST truly understands today’s environment is reflected in the unique design of UMPIRE. The time has finally come when the engineer’s need for data management and reporting is met with commercially available software.


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