1950. Db Mass Tm. an Integrated Mass Properties Personal Computer Tool


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G W Fleck, L K Johnson: 1950. Db Mass Tm. an Integrated Mass Properties Personal Computer Tool. 1990.



In today’s environment of increased competition, budgetary cutbacks and higher operating expenses, the engineering community needs to improve its performance through a more effective use of available resources. Computer assistance is one important means to achieve this vital increase in performance. Current computer tools fall short of providing the complete solution to the weight engineers’ needs. A comprehensive approach would provide an integrated method of mass properties model construction, verification, maintenance, weight estimation, and associated report generation. i.e. Solutions has created an environment for personal computers which encompasses and integrates the current computer tools needed by the weight engineer. This environment is provided by a PC program called dbMass which provides advanced model construction and graphic model verification. dbMass not only provides engineers with the tools to perform their job, but it also allows them to control the software using their own language. The weight engineer simply needs to identify the desired task. The software will then guide and assist him through the required subtasks. The concept of the integration of advanced tools with ease of use is designed to produce significant quantifiable results. dbMass provides an extremely fast way to build and verify complex mass properties models. It generates almost instantaneous mass properties results for changes to the model. It also automates weight tracking and report generation. All of this ensures a substantial productivity increase using readily available personal computer technology.


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