1959. Check Sheet for Structural Loading Limitations – Boing 747-Combi Aircraft


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E R Galjaard: 1959. Check Sheet for Structural Loading Limitations – Boing 747-Combi Aircraft. 1990.



Accurate checks for structural loading limitations are required for every commercial aircraft flight to ensure that the certified structural loading limitations of an aircraft are not exceeded. The Weight and Balance manual is the authority that specifies the allowable limits on aircraft loading. The data contained in this manual reflects the design limits established by the aircraft manufacturer and approved by the aviation regulatory authorities. The techniques used by the manufacturer to present and publish these limits in their manuals usually preclude direct use in the operational environment. The data published is general and not related to a specific aircraft passenger/ULD (Unit Load Device) configuration. The configuration is decided by the airline and may differ by aircraft/flight The purpose of this paper is to familiarize the audience with the basic principles of structural loading limitations and the ”check sheet for structural loading limitations” for the Boeing 747 COMBI aircraft in use at KLM.


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