1966. Landing Gear Weight Optimization Using Taguchi Analysis


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R H Wille: 1966. Landing Gear Weight Optimization Using Taguchi Analysis. 1990.



The Taguchi Method provides the weights engineer with an efficient, disciplined approach for determining the primary weight drivers and weight interactions of a parametric study. The Taguchi Method will be used to study several simultaneous geometric variations of an advanced landing gear to arrive at the lightest weight configuration. The Landing Gear Analytical Weight Estimation program (LANGE) will be used to analyze the unique experimental landing gear configurations selected by the Taguchi approach. LANGE is used in the MCAIR weights department as a tool for landing gear weight estimates and parametric studies. These estimates have proved to be accurate and sensitive to changes in geometry, materials, and loads. This paper briefly explains the Taguchi Method and illustrates the approach used in the weight optimization of an advanced landing gear. The results of this study will supply valuable information to the weights engineer and landing gear designers about weight effects from parametric variation of geometric features. In addition, it will illustrate how a preliminary landing gear design could be optimized by applying principles of the Taguchi Method to the analysis of the LANGE program.


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