1983. Ceramic Matrix Composites for Weight Critical Hot Structure


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D Hunn, D Freitag: 1983. Ceramic Matrix Composites for Weight Critical Hot Structure. 1991.



Technology is being developed by LTV Aerospace and Defense for advanced structural components where lightweight, high temperature resistance (2200’F), and high endurance (life 1000 hours) are required. After considering a number of materials, ceramic matrix composites show the greatest potential for meeting the requirements. These composite materials consist of a ceramic fiber in a fully ceramic matrix. Of the many different ways to fabricate ceramic matrix composites, LTV is investigating polymer pyrolysis because of the high potential for producing complex shapes in a cost effective and timely manner. The polymer pyrolysis route involves layup and cure of the composite part much like typical organic matrix composite approaches. The cured part is then pyrolyzed at moderate temperatures and the matrix forms a fully ceramic char. The part is reimpregnated and repyrolyzed until the desired density is achieved. This paper will discuss the current work-in-progress in this technology as well as producibility demonstrations performed to date.


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