1989. Aircraft Weighing: A Focal Point in Mass Properties Engineering


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B Huber: 1989. Aircraft Weighing: A Focal Point in Mass Properties Engineering. 1991.



Due to the size and weight of the new members of the Airbus family, the A330/A340, and the increasing number of aircraft being delivered, Aerospatiale was forced to build a new weighing facility in Toulouse. Based on the excellent results obtained with mechanical scales installed for the Concorde, a similar equipment has been chosen, offering increased possibilities and better precision. The scale mechanism is installed in a ”basement” with platforms level to the floor. It is a stationary installation, the aircraft is rolled on the platforms and is weighed on wheels. The purpose of this paper is to discuss 1) the installation, characteristics, and capabilities, 2) the French Regulation applied to weighing instruments, 3) the scale accuracy, 4) the results on aircraft weight and balance determination and precision, and 5) the delivery aircraft weighing and weighing report. Furthermore emphasis is given to the advantages for delivery aircraft weighings. The time for weighings is reduced to a minimum (less than 10 minutes compared to two hours for a weighing with mobile electronic ramps and six hours with load cells on jacks). It is easy to operate -not more than two operating personnel are required. The installation is always operational, nothing has to be moved or to be adjusted (no reconfiguration for various wheel combinations). The installation has outstanding accuracy and reliability.


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