1994. Mass Properties Modeling Using B.C.A.M.P.


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G W Bleackley: 1994. Mass Properties Modeling Using B.C.A.M.P.. 1991.



Weight accounting has seen the move from paper based systems to punched-card (Hollerith) systems, and then to computer based systems which mimic these methods. BCAMP was designed from the outset to be a computer based facility which would provide not only a weights tool but also an overview for Managers, with visual checking facilities. The advent of more powerful and more cost-effective computers makes it possible to implement the BCAMP concept. BCAMP changes weights accounting into mass modeling. BCAMP builds on the previously used REFERENCE systems by adding ASSEMBLY locations with SHAPE or configuration which is broken down into ELEMENTS by dimensional distances and held as particles. Each of the lines above can be changed independently by the use of a simple input file. BCAMP not only improves and adds to the accounting facility but makes it possible to advance the analysis into mesh distribution and node point distributions along with pictorial analysis with use of computer graphics to produce mesh distributions on the screen. It provides mass properties management with quick overview tools for error spotting. Any single item of data can be changed independently. This then reacts through all the hierarchy. The data in the required format can then be passed by neutral file to the user departments such as aeroelastics and structures. It is an a la carte system. Any part of the overall system can be used at any stage of any project of any size. It was designed, tested, and is used by weight engineers and not computer gurus. It is already used on all the aircraft in the design phase at British Aerospace, both military and civil. It is not just an idea but a working tool which makes the weight engineer’s job easier and more efficient. It is therefore a system which is still growing as new applications are found.


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