2053. Benefits of IHPTET Technology in Advanced Engine Turbomachinery


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D F Garcia: 2053. Benefits of IHPTET Technology in Advanced Engine Turbomachinery. 1992.



The Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology (IHPTET) initiative is a joint Department of Defense / NASA / Industry effort to develop and demonstrate revolutionary and innovative technologies that will double propulsion system capability). The technologies that result from this initiative, once transitioned, will ensure the superiority of U.S. Military Aircraft. The approach Pratt & Whitney (P&W) has taken in the development of advanced propulsion system technologies is to initiate and develop innovative concepts that allow a timely transition into advanced military products required by the U.S. Government. P&W’s Advanced Turbo Pulsion Plan (ATPP) identifies the program necessary for the development of advanced technologies. The plan is a result of a three task process with Task I consisting of establishing weapon system requirements based on mission and desired performance. Task II involves conceptual design studies to establish engine weight performance, durability, and cost that result from concept application. In Task III, development plans are established for those high payoff technologies identified in Task II. P&W’s Advanced Turbo Pulsion Plans are now grouped by IHPTET phase. Each IHPTET phase write-up contains a description of the plans for the six major component disciplines: fan (compressor, combusters/augmenters), turbines, mechanical components and systems, controls, and nozzles. Issues covered for each discipline include: component goals, critical path, structures, and material roadmaps.


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