2117. PAYCOS, a Multidisciplinary Sizing Code


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L Edington: 2117. PAYCOS, a Multidisciplinary Sizing Code. 1992.



PAYCOS is a computer code developed at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (LMSC) to rapidly perform concept sizing, concept evaluation, and associated trade studies for supersonic and hypersonic maneuvering vehicles. PAYCOS is a multidisciplinary analysis code that allows the engineer to determine the best geometric configuration for each design through parametric studies and mathematical optimization. This paper presents a general overview of the code, including a brief discussion of the approach used to develop it. The modular structure of the code is reviewed, and a brief discussion of each module is presented. Input data needed to run the code and output data supplied by it are discussed. The role of mathematical optimization in the solution process is discussed in some detail and examples of this process are presented. Finally, current modifications to the code are described along with potential future modifications and applications.


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