2166. KLM’s Passenger Weighing Survey


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E R Galjaard: 2166. KLM’s Passenger Weighing Survey. 1993.



The reappraisal of the standard passenger weights currently in use in Europe was prompted by a Joint Aviation Requirement (JAR) issued by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The JAA, which developed by informal collaboration among European civil aviation authorities in the 1970s, has been officially recognized by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) since 1989. Since this date, the development, approval, and introduction of JARs has been regulated at an international level. Any ECAC state may join the JAA by ratifying these regulations. The interest of the various air carriers in Europe is represented in the JAA and its working groups and committees by the Association of European Airlines. The main section of JAR OPS 1-4,097, ”Mass values for passenger and baggage,” contains standard weights to be used for weight calculation on loadsheets. Standard passenger weights vary according to the number of seats with which an plane is equipped. On an plane with more than 30 seats, for example, a standard weight of 84 kg (185 lb) for adult passengers should be used, This figure is higher than those currently used by most European carriers. However, JAR-OPS 1-4.097 also offers member states the option of using different standard weights from those prescribed, provided their accuracy and validity can be proved. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has made use of this option, in association with the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority. Furthermore, the survey was conducted on request by the JAA standard weights study group. The survey results will be used by this group to obtain representative weights for the final JAA regulation. This paper presents the results of the passenger weighing survey performed by KLM in relation to the J AR OPS Furthermore, it presents the research to the most economical passenger weights related to payload.


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