2237. Verification and Validation of a Combat Simulation Model


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T S Turpin, C S Ingalls, M Dymond: 2237. Verification and Validation of a Combat Simulation Model. 1994.



The June 1992 version of Army Regulation 5-11 (AR 5-11), entitled Army Model and Simulation Management Program, established policy on the verification, validation, and accreditation of Army models and simulations. The Advanced Systems Research and Analysis Office (ASRAO) initiated one of the first efforts to conduct a structured verification and validation (V&V) process on a major simulation in accordance with this new guidance. This paper describes the V&V of the Interactive Tactical Environment Management system (ITEMS). ITEMS is a high-fidelity, battalion-level, battlefield combat simulation developed by CAE Electronics. ITEMS is currently in Army use with ASRAO, Aeroflightdynamics Directorate, Army Research Institute, and the Tank-Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center. The V&V plan, implementation, and progress to date are described in this paper.


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