2253. Accurate Wheel Loading Measurement of a Multiple Axle Vehicle With One Electronic Scale


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R Martinez: 2253. Accurate Wheel Loading Measurement of a Multiple Axle Vehicle With One Electronic Scale. 1995.



This document describes, in detail, a method to measure the wheel loading of a multiple axle wheeled ground vehicle with one electronic scale. If electronic scales are placed simultaneously under each wheel on a perfectly flat, level surface, accurate readings can be obtained. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to obtain many scales and a perfectly level surface. The initial intent is to place wooden ramps (same thickness as the scale) on top of a concrete slab leaving a gap between the ramps in order to insert a scale. Then drive the vehicle on top of the ramps placing one wheel at a time on top of the scale to get the reading. If the vehicle was previously weighed with three load cells, summation of all wheel loadings will show a very large discrepancy. This paper presents a wheel loading method used on the 60K Aircraft Loader. The 60K Loader is one unit, five axle line truck. Each of the five axle lines consists of two individual articulating dual wheel assemblies. Four of the axle lines are steerable. Two of the axle lines are driven by four hydrostatic drive motors. The vehicle?s suspension is hydraulic cylinders interconnected with other axles to form a four point suspension system. The vehicle is air transportable and structural limitations in the aircraft do not allow excessive wheel loading. At the present time, the vehicle is approaching maximum wheel load limits, therefore the measurement of the wheel loading of this vehicle is critical and must be done accurately.


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