2280. Development of Alternate Forward C.G. Limits for Improved Takeoff Performance


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L Gillman: 2280. Development of Alternate Forward C.G. Limits for Improved Takeoff Performance. 1995.



Alternate forward Center of Gravity limits can be used to improve aircraft performance. In the past, this type of performance improvement has been limited to a unique alternate forward CG for a given model. The paper discusses a proposal to the FAA that resulted in a new policy, allowing the use of multiple customer selected alternate CGs for improved takeoff performance. The paper emphasizes the Weight Engineering aspects of the FAA policy. The existing use of loading systems is first reviewed. The use of curtailments to the certified limits for developing the operational limits is discussed. The discussions with the FAA are summarized, and the resulting policy allowing revised use of alternate CGs is discussed. The certification and operational criteria that were specified by the FAA for use with the multiple alternate CGs are covered. Specific application of the policy to the 767-300 is shown through examples of the Weight and Balance Manual, Airplane Flight Manual, and a generic loading system.


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