2284. Mass Growth and Mass Control in UK Projects


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J S Smith: 2284. Mass Growth and Mass Control in UK Projects. 1995.



This paper discusses the mass growth of military aircraft during development from a UK perspective. The paper outlines the military aircraft procurement process as practiced in the UK, and draws attention to the importance of both International Collaboration and ?off-the-shelf? purchases in recent UK procurement projects. Some implications of the different procurement approaches on the control of mass growth are indicated, and the importance of the impact of the procurement process on the causes of mass growth, and the means of mass control, is stressed. The paper indicates the causes of aircraft mass growth during development, and describes some of the measures available to both Government and Industry to minimize development mass growth. The experience of development programs over the last twenty years or so is examined to show the effects of improvements in the mass prediction process. Finally, the current situation in the UK is examined, to identify lessons learned from the past projects, and to indicate the challenges which are considered to lie ahead.


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