2286. Benefits of Parametric Mechanical Design Weight Scaling Decks for Advanced Aircraft Turbomachinery


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J W Rudder: 2286. Benefits of Parametric Mechanical Design Weight Scaling Decks for Advanced Aircraft Turbomachinery. In: 54th Annual Conference, Huntsville, Alabama, May 22-24, pp. 19, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama, 1995.



To allow rapid turnaround of weight prediction for advanced aircraft programs, there is a need to be able to down-select concepts with little or no design effort. This improvement comes from application of lessons learned from past deigns and an understanding of how the design is affected by changes in performance. The development of weight decks improve the Weapon System Contractor?s capability to estimate the propulsion system weight effects to meet their mission and performance requirements. The deck allows for a wide range of parameters to be addressed with less time and expense. It also expands the ability to evaluate near and far term technologies on a variety of engine baselines. This paper will discuss the requirements and structure of an Advanced Aircraft Turbomachinery Weight Scaling Parametric with the utilization of a Mechanical Design Routine that establishes the baselines. The following subjects will be discussed in detail to familiarize the reader with the methodology and benefits of Advanced Aircraft Turbomachinery Weight Scaling Decks. What is a Weight Parametric Deck? Mechanical Design Routine Scaling Factors and Switches Technology Methodology and Parametric Integration Effective Deck Flow Benefits to the Deck User and Developer Specific comparisons will be made to the current decks that are being used on advanced programs like JAST and STOVL. This will gave an actual program input/output and program structure as a reference tool.


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