2318. Implications of Specification and Standard Reform for the Weight Engineer


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N J Donaldson: 2318. Implications of Specification and Standard Reform for the Weight Engineer. 1996.



This paper is a review of current acquisition reform initiatives within the Department of Defense and the implications of those initiatives for the Weight Engineer. The major themes of ongoing acquisition reform are identified. The affect of these reforms on the work of the Mass Properties Engineer is examined. The reform process is moving from detail (how to) specifications written in terms of Military Specifications and Standards and to performance (what) specifications which state the expected capabilities of the product. Coupled with the change in specifications is a reduction of oversight and an increase in insight. This insight is gained by dialogue between the government and the contractor within Integrated Product Teams. Commercial products and processes are allowed under the reform provisions. The Contractor is vested with more design change initiative. As a result of these reforms, it is expected that the weight engineer’ s work will be more rewarding and more challenging.


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