2421. Analytic Air Induction Weight Analysis


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J W Burns: 2421. Analytic Air Induction Weight Analysis. 1998.



During the preliminary design and trade study phases, it is necessary for the Mass Properties engineers to make weight estimates for various air induction concepts and to determine the lightest material system. Analytic Air Induction methods provide a tool that is sensitive to duct shape, size, pressure, and materials. Provisions are included to evaluate metallic, composite laminate, and sandwich including conventional honeycomb and Syncore?. The method includes capability for combinations of rectangular, circular, and D-ducts. The method is a tool for weight estimation and trade study evaluation and is not intended to provide final detail sizing. These estimation methods can also be adapted to doors, panels, and fuel shelves that are primarily designed by normal pressure loads. Capability for combined normal pressure (out-of-plane) and axial (in-plane) loads can be added for other applications.


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