2441. Shipweight: A Windows Program for Estimation of Ship Weights


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Runar Aasen: 2441. Shipweight: A Windows Program for Estimation of Ship Weights. 1998.



ShipWeight is a suite of computer programs for estimating and following up the weight and center of gravity of a vessel. When the programs are utilized in the course of systematically following up weight during the building phase, weights, centers of gravity, and other parameters are recorded and structured in such a way as to provide an optimal basis of empirical experience for estimating weights and centers of gravity in subsequent projects. In addition to presenting the methodology and computer technology utilized by ShipWeight, this paper also discusses a number of problems associated with vessel weight estimation and follow-up. The ”Introduction” section of the paper goes through the background for the project, while the most central requirements and wishes that were specified before and during the project are discussed in the ”Weight System Requirements” section. The systems and methodology that are behind ShipWeight are discussed in the ”ShipWeight Solutions” section, while the computing solutions involved are described in the ”Experience in Use” section. Since ShipWeight has only been in use for just over two years, our experience of using the system is still limited. Such experience as has been gained is discussed in the ”Experience in Use” section.


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