2444. Mass Properties Measurement Handbook


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Richard Boynton, K Wiener: 2444. Mass Properties Measurement Handbook. 1998, (L. R. ‘Mike’ Hackney Award).



There has been some discussion at recent SAWE International Conferences regarding the creation of a SAWE sponsored mass properties seminar, with the ultimate goal being the certification of Mass Properties Engineers by the SAWE. This paper presents a review of the methods used to measure Center of Gravity Location, Moment of Inertia, Product of Inertia, and Weight. The authors have attempted to discuss all the elements of mass properties measurement, so that this paper can be used as a textbook. This will be condensed and edited at a later date for incorporation into the SAWE Weight Engineering Handbook. Much of the material in this paper has been gleaned from previous papers written by the senior staff engineers at Space Electronics (Boynton, Wiener, and Bell). We have provided a bibliography at the end of this paper which references some of these papers, so that readers wishing to delve further into these subjects can obtain information on mathematical derivations of error sources, etc.


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