2467. MAAST: A Distributed Agile Enterprise Approach to Ship Design


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Gerald Tschabold, J C Filling: 2467. MAAST: A Distributed Agile Enterprise Approach to Ship Design. 1999.



The U.S. shipbuilding industry needs a new way to compete in the global marketplace. Continued dependency on traditional ways of designing and building ships has resulted in forfeiture of a dominant position in commercial ship construction, which is an imperative for a great power. Surrendering to foreign competition will doom the U.S. maritime fleet to second- rate status in the next Century. One solution to this dilemma is creation of an enterprise to foster a collaborative engineering environment that could capitalize on the strengths of its members. In 1996, such an enterprise was formed in response to a government initiative. The enterprise employed a collaborative engineering environment and performed a pilot project as a proof of concept. This paper describes the process by which the enterprise developed the MAAST Program and performed the Pilot. The results of the Pilot are shown and lessons learned are provided to assist future enterprises.


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