3030. Guide to Differences Between MIL-STD-1374A and SAWE Recommended Practice 8A


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Dudley M Cate: 3030. Guide to Differences Between MIL-STD-1374A and SAWE Recommended Practice 8A. 2000.



On 30 September 1977, the U.S. Department of Defense issued MIL-STD-1374A, ?Weight and Balance Data Reporting Forms for Aircraft (including Rotorcraft).? It thereby became the latest in a series of U. S. Military Standards that provided specific formats and accompanying instructions for reporting the weights of heavier-than-air flight vehicles and their constituent elements.
In 1995, the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) adopted MIL-STD-1374A as a Society Recommended Practice, SAWE RP-8.
In 1997, the SAWE approved a revision to RP-8, identified as Revision A to RP-8 or RP-8A. It is dated June 1, 1997.
The purpose of this paper is to identify the substantive differences between MIL-STD-1374A (RP-8) and RP-8A. The paper may be of particular value to persons undertaking to convert the reporting for a particular aircraft model from the MIL-STD-1374A format to the RP-8A format, or undertaking to convert a general weight records system (database program) from one standard to the other. The paper identifies the changes by use of generic descriptions; it does not call out each and every specific difference between the two documents.
A conscientious attempt has been made to identify all substantive differences between the two standards. However the author and the SAWE do not certify that all such changes have been included herein, nor do they accept responsibility for any omissions or errors herein. Also, it should be recognized that differences that might be of relatively minor impact with respect to one aircraft design or weight record system might have major impact with respect to another aircraft or system.


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