3126. The General Aviation Revitalization Act Causes and Consequences


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Patrick Brown, Karla Gregg: 3126. The General Aviation Revitalization Act Causes and Consequences. 2001.



This paper completes a detailed analysis of the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) of 1994. As a precursor to the analysis, the authors provide a brief history of the industry. The history describes the state of the industry leading up to its peak in 1978 and then its precipitous decline by 1993. The staggering economic decline gave the federal government the motivation to enact GARA. The analysis of GARA pays special attention to the legal implications as well as the arguments, both pro and con, for its enactment. Example illustrations show GARA’s impact on the Weights Engineer. Finally, the analysis describes GARA’s influence on the overall general aviation manufacturing industry and economy.


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