3236. Measurement Uncertainty Analysis for Metrologist


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J. L. Bagley: 3236. Measurement Uncertainty Analysis for Metrologist. 2002.



Measurements are made in virtually every industrialized process and many of our daily personal activities. Whether you are fueling your car or determining the mass of a pressurized vessel, measurements lie at the heart of your process. How well we make those measurements and how accurately we assess how well they are made can have a major impact on the process outcome. This paper will discuss the analysis of measurement uncertainty used in metrology laboratories, and will expound upon the presentation [3] by the author at the SAWE Regional Meeting in Virginia Beach in November, 2001. The methodology is based upon the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement [4], known affectionately as ‘The GUM.’ The goal is to provide a brief functional overview of the analysis and a detailed example. The presentation draws from the techniques taught at Tidewater Community College in the Metrology Specializations under the Associate in Applied Science Degrees in Industrial Engineering Technology and Electronics Technology.


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