3258. Boeing Weight and Balance Training


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Moss, Mitchell: 3258. Boeing Weight and Balance Training. 2002.



This paper is intended to serve as both a guide and an overview of the development of a Weight and Balance Course. The paper contains four major sections:
1. Reasons for developing a Weight and Balance Course
2. Development of course materials.
3. Presentation to a live audience
4. What the future holds for the course
Training and regulatory obligations both drive the content and justification of a Weight and Balance Course. The content suggested by various airlines, combined with various Boeing employee contributions, represented more information than could possibly be covered in a reasonable timetable. Thus in developing the course material a negotiated ?middle ground? was necessary. This paper describes the decision drivers and the result of those decisions. In addition, some time is dedicated to potential future additions and enhancement for the existing course.
Upon completion of this paper the reader should have a good understanding of what is involved in developing a Weight and Balance Course. The reader should also understand why the materials that are included in the Boeing offered course are there, as well as why some topics are not.


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