3354. The Role of Mass Properties Measurement In The Space Mission


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Kurt Wiener: 3354. The Role of Mass Properties Measurement In The Space Mission. 2005.



This paper outlines the requirements for a successful mass properties (MP) measurement program for space missions. It emphasizes the need for cooperation and coordination between the various mission groups in establishing the MP measurement requirements, tolerances equipment, & procedures necessary to meet mission objectives. The typical responsibilities of each group are outlined.
The paper also describes the capabilities and limitations of various specific state of the are MP instruments and methods available to measure the weight, center of gravity location (CG), moments of inertia (MOI), and products of inertia (POI) of spacecraft and subassemblies. These MP measuring instruments are compared with regard to the basic principals of measurement, accuracy, cost, and other characteristics. It will also provide guidelines for incorporating design features in the spacecraft to optimize the accuracy of MP measurements and ballasting to meet the design specifications.
Examples and design guidelines for locating fixtures are given along with methods and examples used to optimize the accuracy of MP measurements.


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