3375. Methods to Measure and Track Technical Performance Measures


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Amy McDonald: 3375. Methods to Measure and Track Technical Performance Measures. 2005.



This research paper was done to determine the best way to measure and track Technical Performance Measures (TPM) in a marine industrial setting. Technical Performance Measures are plans of expected technical achievement in which actual progress is assessed relative to goals which are measured against a documented timeline. This researcher was looking for better ways to track these performance measures.
The goal of this researcher was achieved. By doing extensive research, this researcher found that TPMs need to be measured in the following ways:
1. Assess requirements
2. Determine goals and thresholds
3. Create a plan to meet those goals
4. Track progress against a strict timeline (in graphic format)
5. Report Risks
6. Devise a plan to mitigate risks
7. Implement plan
8. Report results to management


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