3408. On-Board Weight and Balance Application


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Sylvain Vacher: 3408. On-Board Weight and Balance Application. 2007.



Everyday operation requires aircraft operators to have a load control process/system in order to ensure that aircraft weights and associated center of gravity remain within limits. For that purpose, the ground flight preparation usually relies on Departure Control Systems that generate, for each flight, the load and trim sheet for the attention of the captain. For some years now, Electronic Flight Bag solutions have been developed to bring added value to this general process by providing pilots with an additional portable weight and balance application. Using this application, pilots can further improve the current process by saving time-consuming requests for load sheet re computation to the ground. This paper focuses on this added value that an on-board weight and balance application can bring to manage everyday load control. The example of Airbus last generation application (developed for the A380) is used.


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