3417. On the Influence of the Inertia Properties on the Vibrations of a Car Engine


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Luis Muñoz, Claudio Scalmana, Stefano Troccoli: 3417. On the Influence of the Inertia Properties on the Vibrations of a Car Engine. 2007, (Student Paper).



The paper presents a study about the influence of the inertia properties on the dynamic behavior of a vehicle powertrain (in our specific case we considered a system composed of the engine and the gearbox of a front wheel drive car). The dynamic performance of such a powertrain was studied both theoretically and experimentally by means of proper sensitivity analyses. The information provided by the measurements was used for the validation of two mathematical models of the powertrain. Both the experimental and the theoretical simulations confirmed that the powertrain vibrations in the range 10 ? 15 Hz are particularly sensitive to slight variations of the inertia properties. According to the common knowledge referring to the dynamic behavior of cars, at relatively high speed, the vibrations of the powertrain in the range 10-15 Hz can seriously decrease comfort and even affect safety. The conclusions derived from the analysis of the examined particular case can be extended easily to a broad class of road vehicles.


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