3442. Knowledge Management in a “Need to Know” Environment


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Alan C. Jordan: 3442. Knowledge Management in a ‘Need to Know’ Environment. 2008.



Our capability within Engineering to capture and leverage useful knowledge is limited to our ability to protect information. Our goal is to maximize the amount of information we share and make available to those with ‘need to know’ and can add value. Focusing first on Information Protection and providing the tools to follow company policy will maximize the amount of information and knowledge we share.
Our requirements were simple:
1. The ability to segregate information by community providing a ‘trusting’ environment and enabling users to share more information to those who need it.
2. The ability to mark and protect access to sensitive information based on company policy and government regulations.
3. Ease of use and integration with desktop procedures and tools now used by engineers.
This paper will discuss protecting and sharing information while collaborating within BCA Weight Engineering’s implementation of a new KM tool from the AskMe Corporation (Ask BCA). The AskMe application, along with customized features specifically addressing our information protection requirements, will enable us to capture, share and leverage more knowledge and information based on ‘need to know’ without compromising information protection.


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