3455. Submarine Lead and Margin Attrition


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David Tellet: 3455. Submarine Lead and Margin Attrition. 2008.



The selection of service life margins for a submarine has a direct impact on the design and on acquisition and operational costs because this margin is carried as actual lead ballast. Past studies carried out by NAVSEA have attempted to use lead attrition and margin lead attrition data from previous submarine classes to determine optimum ranges for service life margin. This paper documents and updates the data used in those studies and examines the data in terms of means, standard deviations, and confidence bounds around linearly fitted models of the data. The differences among the submarine classes is noted and an attempt is made to improve the fitted models by the removal of outliers. Based on the historical data and the analysis in the paper, a recommended range for service life margin for conventional attack submarines is given to be between 2.00% and 3.25% of light ship weight.


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