3495. Using PHP/MySQL to Manage Potential Mass Impacts


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I. Benjamin Hager: 3495. Using PHP/MySQL to Manage Potential Mass Impacts. 2010.



This paper presents a new application using commercially available software to manage mass properties
for spaceflight vehicles. PHP/MySQL (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and My Structured Query
Language) are a web scripting language and a database language commonly used in concert with each
other. They open up new opportunities to develop cutting edge mass properties tools, and tools for the
management of potential mass impacts (threats and opportunities). The paper begins by providing an
overview of the functions and capabilities of PHP/MySQL. The focus of this paper is on how
PHP/MySQL are being used to develop an advanced ‘web accessible’ database system for identifying
and managing mass impacts on NASA’s Ares I Upper Stage program, managed by the Marshall Space
Flight Center. To fully describe this application, examples of the data, search, and view pages are
provided to show, not only the function, but the security, ease of use, and simplicity of this new
The premise behind this paper is that PHP/MySQL are software tools that are easy to use and readily
available for the development of cutting edge mass properties applications. These tools are capable of
providing ‘real-time’ searching and status of an active database, automated report generation, and other
capabilities to streamline and enhance mass properties management application. By using
PHP/MySQL, proven existing methods for managing mass properties can be adapted to present-day
information technology to accelerate mass properties data gathering, analysis, and reporting, allowing
mass property engineers, and the management they support, to keep pace with today’s fast-pace design
and development processes.


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