3556. Composite Tank Structure Dynamics Modeling Based On Finite Particles


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André Baeten: 3556. Composite Tank Structure Dynamics Modeling Based On Finite Particles. 2012.



This paper deals with the modeling of multi-layer airborne composite tank structures interacting with liquids. The analysis is carried out in terms of sloshing impact pressure and focuses on an innovative modeling approach of elastic tank walls.
This approach is based on finite particles, which provide similar properties as finite elements in classical structure mechanics. It is implemented into a computationally efficient numerical multi-body simulation program, which is flexible in geometry and dynamic load spectrum. It features a particle-based liquid model and provides time accurate hydrodynamic pressure results in three dimensions and 6 Degrees-of-Freedom.
Based on the results of a generic tank geometry undergoing short-time accelerations using a rigid wall model, unsteady sloshing loads are computed for elastic tank walls.
The stresses and strains are discussed to optimize the structure in terms of impact pressure loading. Thereby, the tank geometry is flexible in terms of wall friction, elasticity laws and damping coefficients.
A special focus has been set on the feasibility and production issues of an advanced lightweight tank. Based on the maximum loads obtained from the sloshing analysis for rigid and elastic walls, the coupled liquid-structure dynamics is analyzed in order to provide some recommendations for a possible structural layout.


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