3565. Weight Aspects Of Glare Fiber Metal Laminates


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Cees G. Hengel: 3565. Weight Aspects Of Glare Fiber Metal Laminates. 2013.



Fiber Metal Laminates (FML’s) are a class of hybrid materials consisting of thin metal layers, bonded together by layers of adhesive reinforced with high-strength fibers. FML’s have a metal-like appearance and several metal-like properties including plasticity Today, after its selection as skin material on the fuselage of the A380 in 2000, Glare FML is well underway to become an established technology in the aerospace industry, combining low weight with high durability and damage tolerance at competitive costs.
This paper presents a basic introduction to GLARE FML’s and the associated technology. It identifies four application categories where Glare FML’s can be beneficially applied: stiffened panels as part of the primary load carrying structure, local reinforcements, secondary structures, and special structures with integrated functionalities (or ‘smart structures’). These categories are illustrated with specific products. The reasons why Glare was selected for these products is illustrated by showing the potential of the Glare technology for each of the three product defining disciplines of materials, manufacturing and design.
Weight aspects of Glare FML’s are discussed in the context of the design process as they could present themselves to weight engineers, and some cost aspects are discussed. Weight savings of 10% to over 30% are shown, depending on the specifics of the situation.
Based on the foregoing, it is concluded that Glare FML is a mature technology that enables the creation of light weight aircraft structures with high durability and high damage tolerance, at reasonable cost and low risk.
Based on current design and production experience, and considering the broad development potential, it seems reasonable to expect that Glare FML’s will be strong candidates for future aircraft structures.


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