3586. SWAT: Systematic Weight Analysis and Reduction Method


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Kossow Matthias, Konstantin Graf, Torben Kabbe: 3586. SWAT: Systematic Weight Analysis and Reduction Method. 2012.



The systematic reduction of weight has become an important key factor for a variety of industrial applications. The reduction of weight – typically – has a positive impact on less energy consumption, range increase, payload enlargement, preserving resources, and saving costs. Assuming that all easy and obvious weight saving ideas have already been implemented when people start to think about applying specific weight saving methods creates two major statements:
– To find new weight saving ideas a new way of thinking is mandatory. Therefore the involved people have to leave their so called ‘comfort zone’ and open their minds towards novel and uncommon ideas.
– To find new weight saving ideas people have to accept the related risks as challenges that have to be solved to gain flexibility instead of allowing the perception of risks to ‘kill’ risky weight saving ideas.
The SWAT-Method (SWAT stands for Systematic Weight Analysis and Reduction MeThod) determines potential of weight saving ideas by methodical functional system analysis and guided creativity. In addition it provides a clear and transparent view on the way forward for the deployment of ideas including risks:
‘SWAT is a formal systematic approach designed to develop and support your creativity.’
‘SWAT identifies existing hidden flexibility that can be used for weight saving concepts.’


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