3589. An Integrated And Rapid Fem-Based Weight Derivation Approach To Weight Estimation


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Jorge Antonio Bes-Torres, Robby Rudsianto, Edward Kay: 3589. An Integrated And Rapid Fem-Based Weight Derivation Approach To Weight Estimation. 2012.



Driven by the industrial demand to shorten a typical aircraft design cycle, a lot of research effort has been invested by Airbus to develop an integrated and rapid multi-disciplinary approach to aircraft design and optimisation. Given a specific aircraft mission and high level a/c requirements, the primary objective is to be capable of analysing the entire aircraft design space within a short period of time by rapidly assessing multiple concepts and converging on the most optimum a/c architecture.. Traditional design process focussed generally in structural optimisation to achieve structural design that deliver the lightest FEM weights and neglecting the true manufacturable weights. This paper aims to present to readers a rapid and integrated FEM based and weight derivation approach to weight estimation of aircraft components. The key strength of this approach is that it takes into consideration structural optimisation and manufacturing constraints to derive true manufacturing weights and allowing new and unconventional aircraft concepts to be studied.


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