3610. Inertia Uncertainity of a Moored FPSO


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Santhosh Kumar Chandrasekaran, Andreas Schuster: 3610. Inertia Uncertainity of a Moored FPSO. 2014.



This paper will address weight requirements t o ensure the delivered mass inertia properties match the initial estimates used for model testing and hydrodynamic performance assessment. It has been assumed that the large dead weight of an FPSO makes the design insensitive to variances in mass inertia over the design cycle. As hydrodynamic engineers improve their mooring design performance and reduce margins, minor changes in mass inertia can have dramatic impact on system response. This paper will compare the mass inertia estimating, uncertainty and detailed calculation with mooring performance to determine optimum thresholds for weight control to mitigate the risk of changes in inertia.


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