3632. Challenges Encountered Doing Weight Reports on Multiple Ship Contracts


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R. Alan Bird: 3632. Challenges Encountered Doing Weight Reports on Multiple Ship Contracts. 2015.



Some multi-hull Contracts require that a detailed weight report be generated for only the lead ship in a class, while other contracts require detailed weight reports for each hull in the program. There are many aspects that have to be dealt with for multiple hull contracts primarily, handling hull specific contract modifications. Done incorrectly, dealing with multiple spreadsheets or databases to do weight reports can easily lead to an administrative ‘nightmare’ and create a great source of errors. This paper discusses an approach used to mitigate duplicate entries and potential errors. It does not go into the details of the revisions made by BAS Engineering to the ShipWeight computer program which added the Phase Code feature, but instead, explains how and why the Phase Codes are used. Proper Database Management is required to ensure consistency, and a time savings (cost) approach to developing weight reports for follow-on ships under multi-hull contracts.


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