3717. Evaluating a CoG Envelope Using a Probabilistic Approach


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Robert J. Hundl: 3717. Evaluating a CoG Envelope Using a Probabilistic Approach. 2019.



In the Energy and Chemicals Construction Industry, many onshore projects are using modular construction. This type of construction requires that the modules be transported from the fabrication yard to the project site. The fabrication yard may be distant from the project site, thus requiring a combination of ocean transportation and land transportation. To verify the design, the structural analysis uses a given design weight limit and center of gravity (CoG) envelope for the various modes of transportation. The size of the CoG envelope can influence the strengthening requirements for the structure during the transportation phases. CoG envelopes are typically set as a percentage of the module length and width. In special cases, a probabilistic approach could be used to reduce the typical CoG envelope size for reducing the amount of strengthening requirements while also quantifying the risk to the project for reducing the size of the CoG envelope.


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