3762. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ship Weight Estimation and Calculation


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Upendra Malla: 3762. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ship Weight Estimation and Calculation. 2021.



The advancement of computing and data analysis tools gave rise to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. The ship weight estimation and calculation are a simple and tedious process which requires a qualitative weight budgets and quantitative calculations. The evolution of ship weight estimation and calculation using Artificial Intelligence techniques is discussed in the paper and compared with the existing techniques used in the shipping industry. Currently there are several in-house tools and software’s which are utilized by design firms and shipyards for the mass properties estimation / calculation, but these tools are not built with any intelligence to make the weight estimate accurate and effective. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the ship weight estimation by considering the constraints like class rules, standards, guidelines etc.
In this paper at the end, it shows the cost and time savings involved by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the ship weight estimate program by means of an example AI tool.


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