3768. Mass Properties Reporting


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Yiyuan Ma, Jin Yan, Ali Elham: 3768. Mass Properties Reporting. 2021.



The Ultra-High Aspect Ratio Wing (UHARW) concept can improve the aircraft’s aerodynamic efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. The Twin-Fuselage (TF) configuration is one of the most promising concepts for the UHARW design to reduce the wing bending moments and shear forces. This paper presents the development of a semi-empirical method for the weight estimation of TF aircraft in the initial sizing stage. A physics-based wing weight estimation method is improved for higher aerodynamic analysis fidelity and composite materials, which is used in the design of experiments and the results are applied for regression analysis to establish a semi-empirical method. Eventually, the established semi- empirical weight estimation method is integrated into a TF aircraft conceptual design and performance analysis framework, and a mid-range TF aircraft and a long-range TF aircraft are designed and sized to illustrate its application and efficiency in rapidly estimating the TF aircraft weight breakdown.


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