3778. Mass Properties in Manufacturing


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William Boze: 3778. Mass Properties in Manufacturing. 2022.



In a vehicle acquisition program, there is a myriad of groups that use mass properties data and require Mass Properties Engineering support. The user group may vary from product to product. However, almost every product’s Performance, Structures, Loads, Tooling, Manufacturing, Costing, Shipping, and Marketing groups, along with many others, all require accurate mass properties in one form or another (SAWE, 2003). This paper will highlight specifically where mass properties data is utilized by various groups in the planning and construction of a ship, while providing an overview of the manufacturing, construction, assembly, and testing process. While this paper addresses how mass properties data is used in ship production, similar data furnished by the mass properties group is utilized in the construction of aircraft, spacecraft, offshore platforms, and ground transportation vehicles.


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