3788. Next-Generation Weights Management


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Mark Beyer, Victor Graham: 3788. Next-Generation Weights Management. 2023.



Weights management is an essential science in all transportation industry segments where vehicle development schedule details, manufacturing costs, technical risks, and weight are traded to optimize value to the customer. Next-generation weights management systems connect and create value in ways not previously possible, and address requirements in all phases of product development, manufacturing, and commercial operation. Measures of successful weight management systems include the ability to enable data-driven decisions as early as possible in vehicle life cycle development and maximize the value of all enterprise mass property data assets. This paper spotlights capabilities of a next-generation weights management system, and a manufacturer’s motivation to transition their business processes. Motivation to consider Beyer Flight Sciences Weight Management system include realizing opportunities to accelerate the maturity of distributed mass properties on new design projects to reduce design rework, and to automate the conformity of simulation models with mass property updates where used to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


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