3794. The Mass Properties Function during The Aircraft Interior Outfitting


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Luis A. Lopez: 3794. The Mass Properties Function during The Aircraft Interior Outfitting. 2023.



Outfitting is defined as the introduction and physical addition of custom furnishings, cabin entertainment systems, cabin insulation, acoustics materials, seats, and others to a “green aircraft”, a plane without interiors or other components at a completion center facility per customer definition.
By its nature, outfitting will vary from one aircraft to another, depending on number of seats, degree of function or luxury elements and location of interior components. Mass properties are the physical properties of an object that describe all its mass, center of gravity, and moment of inertia. These properties are impacted when outfitting interiors are introduced in the aircraft as they are typically the last step of the manufacturing build on an aircraft, however they will influence and define the final performance and handling of an aircraft.
The intention of this paper is to explore the aircraft interiors outfitting activity as it relates to the Completions Mass Properties Engineer function and its effects at the final build.
We briefly explore areas that are related to the completions function from the mass properties perspective. We will use simple terms to highlight the important responsibility of the Mass Properties Engineer in the outfitting final phase’s role on a typical OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). A discipline that is not well understood by colleagues and the public in general due to the specialized nature of the work.


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