SAWE RP-8, 1997: Weight and Balance Data Reporting Forms for Aircraft (including Rotorcraft and Air-Breathing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)


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This document provides standard weight forms, Parts I, II, and III hereof, for reporting of weight and balance data for aircraft (including rotorcraft), states the principles followed in the formulation of these forms, and furnishes instructions where necessary for uniform compilation of the required weight and descriptive data. In particular, this document provides the formats to be used in preparation of Group Weight Statements, Detail Weight Statements and Status Reports as defined by SAWE Recommended Practice No. 7 and U.S. Military Data Item Description DI- MGMT-81501. This document was derived from U.S. Military Specification MIL-STD-1374A.

Sufficient detail is included to cover the majority of components for most fixed wing, rotary wing, and V/STOL type aircraft. Blank spaces are provided for “write-ins” to detail weights for advanced design vehicles, hypersonic structures, projected propulsion systems, etc. Care should be taken before adding a “write-in” to ascertain that a reasonably appropriate term is not already contained in the forms. 


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